Visit welding workshop

finaly our sternarch project comes close to its end. Today, Bruno our welder, called and asked us to join him in his workshop to discuss final aspects of the sternarch design.

After many month of waiting and delays we got something to lay our hands on. They are still working on it but at last they spend their complete power on finishing our project. Tomorrow is the estimated day for mounting the arch on our stern.

We decided to locate the exact place for the windgenerator after mounting the arch, there is so much to considder on a ketch. we need somehow to mouve the windgen away from the mizzen and shrouds and the solar pannels.

Bruno and Oliver consulting final desingn

We hope that all fitts well and it will be a tende moment when we need to drill the holes for the mountig bolts into the deck.

something to lay our hands on

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