Sudden decision winter storage.

Hi Guys, as of now we are not updated yet here in our facebook page and website , for that I apologized..

Wanted to tell a short story.

We bought SV Vela Nautica 2 years ago, we did not yet do longer cruising with her, as she needs a refitt first.
We lived with here for a year, and just last year we decided to put here on the shipyard as we will process my paperworks in Germany mainly Visa.
So, to support our stay in Germany we both worked for a short span of time. For us, the feeling of living on land, in the house is pretty different, we badly missed the sunset, the boat rocks from time to time, the noise of the seagulls, the noise of the water and most especially is the noise of a howling wind.
But I am pretty much happy to announce to each one of you that our stay in Germany is going to end soon. We will do a trip around EUROPE with car and do camping until we reached back to the shipyard were our lovely Vela Nautica waiting for Us.

We will be Blogging all our trip and follow us on our website. For now our site is pretty empty as we are on the process of building it.

Cheers to everyone!

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