Sailor´s LED lamp project

It is time to switch Vela Nauticas light to green energy efficient LED technik, most lights are still Hallogen bulb versions, running on 24 Volts. Thats very inefficient nowadays. There are nice advanced LED technologies out there.

Therefore that we hold quite an amount of lights all over the ship, this transformation is not done in one day.

Additional I don´t like to spoil the original design of the ship with unsuitable lamps.

I will try to transform the original lamps to LED versions. Therefore I ordered diffrent LED types from Chinese sellers mostly at  and at

But its not only the LED you need for this change, there are the LED-driver needed that regulate the voltage and current to the right level that the LED´s dont blow up.

Now its time to go on with this project and bring some work to an end. I will show you in this Video how I modified some of our lamps.


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