How is it like to be back at the boat!

After living on land for almost 9 months, we are glad to be in the boat again! and it was such a sweet reconciliation with her. I missed the certain smell of the boat the galley the cockpit and most especially our Master Cabin.

Happy woman reconciling with our sweet home 🙂

The question here is, How was the feeling to be back on the boat after living in an apartment that is more spacious? To be honest, It’s a challenge for me again to lived in a small space, I would say you are more likely prone to an accident that means you bumped or hit yourself on the edge or your feet or you hit your head on the BOOM because you forgot that there is. But I don’t care those because living in the boat is such an extra adventure in life. When you are out of the sea for days,

weeks, or even months those days out on the ocean you will see the perspective what life is and how beautiful the real world is.

Isn’t shes beauty this home of ours?

Since we are back we found ourselves maintaining her of everything everyday. We are excited to be out on the ocean again and sailing with her on our long journey.

Beside all the refit work, this is one of the worlds very pretty places, the city of Faro with quiet ancious roads and old charming houses invites for a walk and the fabulous beaches with prestine clear oceanwater invite for a day at the beach. The portugues cuisine has something for everyone and fishlovers find their eldorado here.

This area in the very SW of europe is by far not that overrun like many other european places. If you like to get more information click the link at the end of this text and learn more about Faro and the Algarve.

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Waves from Us 🙂


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city of Faro

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