High efficent brushless pumps use high tech rare earth magnets and are energy efficent.

prototype brushless pump, we developed a highly efficent pump. Conventional brushed pumps fail fast because they suffer high wear. Our new brushless pump uses high tech rare earth magnets and are energy efficent.

On boats we run many pumps, like

  • freshwater pressure pump,
  • safety bilge pumps,
  • lift pumps, to get water from areas lower than the waterline over boardd,
  • shower drain pumps
  • cooling pumps that provide sea water to devices that need water cooling like fridge compressors.

The last are the most challenging and stressed pumps that are most likely to fail early.
Specially in the tropics with difficult cooling demands in warm tropical waters these pumps may face operating time of up to 100 %.

That means there is a lot of wear on the usual brushed DC motor and this kind of pump may fail after about 5000h what is a bit more than half a year. Additional these pumps are wasting precious energy by noise and heat. After this time the carbon brushes are worn down and the commutor is unrepairable damaged. So you may end up buying a new pump every 6 months for hundreds of Euros.

So how to reduce the wear?

We developed a new type of pump based on a brushless motor.

basic brushless motor, energy saving and low wear

These motors are highly efficient, have only a fraction of the weight and lots of power. When we add an extra know how to these basic motors we come out with a longetivity power motor that will last and provide you with a reliable pump.

We dont need to stress them for this application so they run very silent and smooth without producing lots of heat. The only wear parts, beside the pump itself, are our special upgraded ball bearings and they last much longer than the conventional ship pumps you get in your chandlery.

But there is also a downside, these motors need a driver that provides the right power to them. We developed an modern motor driver that does this job and let you connect our pump to the usual switches like any other brushed pump. Our motors are also ignition proof, they don´t produce any sparks.

Our new version high efficient brushless controller with sleep mode, Designed with modern 3D technologie and energie efficent comonents.

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