B&G Forward Scan sonar sensor as navigational upgrade

Beside many other upgrades Vela Nautica gets an additional Forward Scan sonar sensor installed in this refit.

While we waited for the production of our sternarch. We stayed now much longer on the hard than originaly planned, we used the time to give Vela Nautica a forward scan sensor. Our B&G Vulcan 7 Chartplotter came with the ability to connect a forward scan sonar sensor.

Simrad Chartplotter use the same sensor.

In the past we experienced it several times that we did not feel confident to go through reef passages, specially in poor charted areas, or other areas with unknown underwater obstructions. To use only eyeball navigation is limited to good light conditions. To send someone ahead in the dingy with a depth sounder or lead is for a shorthanded crew very difficult. So, to spend the additional navigational aid to the ship sounded good to us.

We saw some promising reviews from other boaters on YouTube and read some reviews on noonsite. All this made us confident that this is the right tool to help us. We think it will ease the safe passage through difficult passages. It might also give us peace of mind not risking too much. For whatever reasons you find a lot of wrecks in abandoned places.

In this Vlog we describe how we installed the B&G sonar sensor to our AMEL 54 Vela Nautica, follow us through this story about the improvement and feel the liveabord while you do a refit to your boat.

This time on the hard comes now to an soon end. We worked on a long list as most boaters do to make Vela Nautica fit for an joyful circumnavigation. In a few days we will be launching our lovely home. We will test all installations before we sail to our summer destination to the Azores, 9 promising Islands in Midatlantic.

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