endless work in the shipyard

Since 6 weeks  are we working on Vela nautica at the shipyard. We got a bit lazy the very hot days in July and August when the heat stroke us and moving ended in extreme sweatfolow. There where only some early morning hours usable to work and some nights it was impossible to sleep and reover for early work because it took until 2am to cool down and find some sleep. there was a period when we got a hot Sahara blast with constant temperatures 34 degree Celsius at night and daytime was even worst when the sun heated up to 40.

With beginning of september, the weather changed and we got nce cooler air from midatlantic.

But little  by little we get things fixed and today was the day to refill the rawwater system and test for leaking, lucky there was no leakings at all, so all new hoses and connections are OK. The revised pumps of the aircon and anchor rinse work like new, the genset got its new thermostat and new Anode, the heatexchange of the genset is cleaned.

it turned out that it was really a good idear to change all old raw water hoses in the engineroom. I was right with my suspicion, not only that some where clogged by barnacles, oceangrowth and debris, the plastic of the hoses was hardened by age and they broke like stiff old plastic. So it was also a safty issue to get this work done.

Also the freezer got its new tropic proof insulation, it still needs to get a trial run and find aout if all the work with it pays out.

The Amel C-drive got its new oilseals and new oil. That was high time to do it, the old seals where broken and the old oil was somthing greenish. it was not obvious water in it but looked suspicious. So the gear got 2 rinses with diesel before the new oil went in.

I started to revise the Autoprop, and decided to order also a new set of ballbearings from Branton Great Britain that is supposed to arrive the next days by DHL. At first my plan was to give it only the regular grease job but when I saw that the old ownwer skipped most or all of the regulag maintenance the ship should get, I decided to do the big job and change also the bearings.

Yesterday I started the underwatership what will be basically the antiflouling painting.

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