Prepared for travel

We finally gave up our apartment to our landlord and live free for life.

A Short RECAP how we end up for 8 months living on land.

We lived on our first boat for the last 4 years. We crossed the Atlantic from northern Europe to the Carribean Sea, circled the Caribean and crossed Atlantic back to Europe, that’s what we did for the past 3 years with our 1st boat ‘’Blue Pearl’’, a Beneteau Oceanis 473.

Then in the year 2016 we found this beautiful AMEL 54 ‘’Vela Nautica’’ and fell in love automatically with her and bought her. Why we bought her? Who doesn’t fall in love with an AMEL boat right? They are strong massive and fit for Blue ocean crossing. We lived in with Vela Nautica for a year spent Christmas with her for the first time and it took some time to learn about our new boat and get used to her. Then suddenly it became necessary to live on land for the past 8 months to process paper works and Visa for me.

Vela Nautica in Lisbon

Vela Nautica Gibraltar Rock

October 2017: We placed Vela Nautica on the hard, and we stored her there for winter season, while we flew to Germany. We got both a job, Oliver being a Dentist, while I got a job as a Caregiver in a caregiver home. It was pretty tough for me because, first I have no words for German Language. I was doing German Course in the morning started at 8am-12pm. Then I need to hurry home from school to get ready for my work that was started at 2pm to 9:30pm. Take note I had to go by my small bicycle at work in cold icy German winter. This life on land goes on for 8 months. It was pretty stress full especially I had a long day, it wasn’t easy at all, my German course gave me almost a heart attack to get the B1 Certificate. My body was tired and my mind was exhausted too. I thought I could not make it. But Thanks God! With all the effort and being strong and prayer I passed all of this. The German School and at the same time full time working.

Thick winter wonderland

great white areas in our place where we stayed.

View from my work

footprints in snow








So! After all the busy life, now it’s the time! That will pay out everything! Back to road travel life and back to Sailing Life!

June 30, 2018 is the day we gave back our apartment! It was pretty busy to get ready and back to our boat. Sorting all the stuff we gather for 8 months. Sending 5 boxes to Vela Nautica. I know our boat will be full but the time we reached Vela Nautica we need to sort again everything and decide what we really need on board.

For now we are travelling by our car and visit some famous European places until we reach Portugal where amazing Vela Nautica waits.

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